ptosis (plural ptoses)

  1. the prolapse of a bodily organ, especially drooping of the eyelid
    • 1970: There were many other factors to be taken into account: Miss West’s age, the type of enlargement, whether the condition was one of pure hypertrophy, the degree of ptosis present, the actual scale of enlargement and, finally, the presence of any pathology in the breast tissue itself. — JG Ballard, The Atrocity Exhibition

6 letters in word "ptosis": I O P S S T.

Anagrams of ptosis:

Words found within ptosis:

io ios is iso isos it its oi op ops opt opts os pi pis piso pisos piss pit pits po poi pois pos posit poss post posts pot pots psi psis psst pst si sip sips sis sist sit sits so sop sops sos sot sots spit spits spot spots st stop stops ti tip tips tis to top topi topis tops toss